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Andrew Heath

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For some reason, it looks like our job posting was deleted from the launch page. I have included a link here:


If you are interested in helping POSCON, we encourage you to fill out an application. Currently, we are NOT hiring for any management positions (Division Directors, FIR Directors, etc.), but that doesn't mean you cannot apply. If you apply for a management position, your application will be stored in our database in a pool for future hiring. Please make sure to specify which division you are interested in.

We are currently still hiring for technical jobs though. We need someone to convert FSX/P3D AI traffic to OBJ8 files for X-Plane. If you have any experience with that, please send your application our way!


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5 minutes ago, Josh G said:

How is management being handled in the US? Will there be ARTCCs with ATMs, DATMs, etc.?

Division Director (with no staff)

ATMs (with limited staff such as TA, FE, and EC)

WMs will no longer be a thing.

This is all subject to change, but that is the initial plan.


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6 minutes ago, Krikor Hajian said:

Given that the (planned) beta is in June, is there a rough estimate on when facility staff position postings will be up? I'd assume it'd be some time before then to allow for SOPs and other facility files to be completed before beta launch.

No estimate at this time.

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The Divisions will be grouped together by their differences from ICAO. We are taking this route in order to ensure consistent training throughout the network. In other words if Division A has virtually the same differences from ICAO as Division B, then they will be grouped together into the same region.

The staff for said regions has not yet been determined and is again, not a high priority at this time.

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