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Emergency Handling

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Has there been any discussion on the way emergencies/non-normal situations are going to be handled? What I mean more specifically is, in XPlane, there is a feature to induce random failures. Will pilots and controllers be rewarded for dealing with these or will it be encouraged as long as it doesn't get in the way of anyone and will the automated traffic services have functions built in to deal with emergencies? Will 121.5 be used as an open frequency?

Any replies are greatly appreciated as always.



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Might be interesting to use some kind of Emergency Token System distributed via chance. A "lottery" is a fair way of distributing things that have a limited quantity (and emergencies should probably be limited due to the unfair nature / impact on other aircraft."

It could work something like this:

  • Every member has a low chance to receive an emergency token over time (maybe a chance per flight hour or something?)
  • There are different types of emergency tokens that can be received, i.e. engine failure, medical emergency, loss of GPS, etc
  • Members can opt-in to use an emergency token on a flight when they want to simulate that emergency type
  • ATC is allowed to give emergency priority like the real world, since the tokens are evenly distributed.
  • If needed ATC could have the ability to allow or disallow emergency token use as they wish.
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