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From all of the staff, volunteers, and beta testers here at POSCON, we would like to offer you a welcome and thank you for joining us.  Many have worked and contributed over the past two years (and longer, in some cases) to make POSCON become the Online Aviation Network you’ve been waiting for.  Countless hours testing four popular Flight Simulator brands have created a seamless and global live multiplayer environment with a focus on new technologies and immersions.  We hope you enjoy the our new platform and experience new challenges and skills, and maybe make some new friends along the way.

To get started on POSCON, we recommend you spend a few minutes of your time and read the polices, procedures, and agreements before connecting for your first flight.  We ask this of you because POSCON aims to have the highest standards of users (pilots and controllers alike) and administrators.  Please follow the links below to begin familiarizing yourself with POSCON.

We also STRONGLY recommend you look through the resources available around the site.  In particular, these two documents should answer MOST of the questions you will have.

Please note that the number one question we are being asked right now is "How do I become an Air Traffic Controller on POSCON?" and the answer is SEE BELOW!  The second one is "When is ATC online?" and the answer is that they will be shown on the Live Map when available.  That availability will be sporadic but steadily growing as we continue to test and develop the ATC clients and support tools in our trek toward full open status.  You can also check https://forums.poscon.net/calendar/ as ATC availability will periodically be pre-published here; however, continue to use the Live Map to look as well, since often ATC coverage will inevitably be impromptu in nature.

Again, a sincere thank you for your interest and membership with the POSCON network.  If you need any help or assistance along the way, please reach our staff and volunteers for guidance.  Have fun!

Michael M. and Rob S.
Moderators, Positive Control Network

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added info about ATC applications
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Hi, all -- one VERY IMPORTANT NOTE.  When you open the Launcher and connect to POSCON, **DO NOT** select "Use Development Environment."  Leave that UN-CHECKED or else you will NOT be in the same server cluster as the rest of the Beta Testers for flight plan filing, squawk assignment, and visibility to each other and on the live map.  If you are connected and don't see yourself on the map, or don't see buttons within the Web UI becoming active, this should be the first thing you check for.  Thanks! 


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Applications to operate ATC on POSCON are now available.  HOWEVER, consideration will ONLY be given to those who have substantial ATC experience from other networks, as there is currently no ATC training infrastructure on POSCON.  Candidates will only be considered who would be able to on-boarded with a bare minimum of familiarization training.  Apply here: https://forms.gle/apA7JaJzRGbSFQzD8

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