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Windows Defender Blocks Client Software

Jim 1024864

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I have the same problem & email @Maher Abaza Network Manager. This is the reply that I received.

Hello KSI,

Yes this is a known issue that is caused by an elevated setup which basically only installs the "Montserrat" font on your system, because it's used in the Launcher. The Launcher developer is aware of the issue and already has a fix for it. The fix is not public yet, pending some testing. Once it's released, you will get a notification on the POSCON Discord server, or if you open the Launcher it will automatically update to the new version.

For the time being, you can either choose to override this and continue installing (because it's a false positive), or if you don't want to do that, you can wait for the hotfix, which should be coming soon!


Hope this helps,



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