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"not yet completed YOUR WELCOME CBT"?????????

MAL 1025103

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Hi Mal,

That message means that you need to login to hq.poscon.net on a browser & click on your profile (in blue) top right & pick the "training" option.

In Training, you will see a "Welcome to POSCON" CBT module that you need to complete (27 slides taking about 20 minutes). 

Once you complete that, you will be able to use POSCON in "live" mode rather than ghost mode.

On a side note, I'm slightly envious that you are able to get into ghost mode. Some of us haven't even made it that far....?

Hope this helps,



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 I don't want to sound negative, but obliging new users to sit and listen to a robot reading rules and regulations for 20 minutes doesn't feel like the warmest of welcomes. I totally understand the need for it, but perhaps new users could be allowed immediate access and given, say, 3 weeks to complete the CBT.  And perhaps the length could be reduced and a real person could present a video, or at least read the script.
 What seemed to be lacking from the onboarding was a presentation of all the good things about Poscon and the reasons  why people might want to switch to it. It would be great if the initial impression could be more upbeat.

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  • Network Directors

Noted. Probably not going to change though and here is why:

First, you can access the service in the Ghost mode without watching the CBT. You get all the features except the ability to talk on the radio and be seen by other pilots.

Second, we are asking 20 minutes of your time for full access to this free service. I think that is a small price to pay.

Thanks for your comments though.

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Sure, I appreciate that and this is meant to be constructive because I would really like to see Poscon do well.

When I wrote my message, I was kinda expecting a reply on the lines of "This is free so...". That was another element of the CBT. It felt like "This is free so if you don't like, do as we say, or stay away".  I think a lot of people are happy with Vatsim, and a number of them might just decide to stay away.

I would imagine that the CBT comes as a result of the frustrations controllers have felt on another networks and an understandable determination not to have Poscon go down the same path. But this is a very early stage. Whenever I've looked the number of people logged on has almost always been in single digits. No matter how badly a pilot were to behave, the controllers would be able to deal with him or her very quickly and there would be little or no disruption to other players.  My point is that this kind of tough (authoritarian?) policy may well be needed further down the road, but at the moment it would seem that it might work against the immediate goal of attracting and welcoming new players.

Perhaps a compromise would be to allow people to fly for an hour a day until they have watched the CBT. Anyway, I'll leave it there. I don't want to come off as confrontational. I'm just offering the perspective of someone who had never heard of Poscon until 3 or 4 days ago.


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  • Network Directors

I understand what you are saying and I do respect the fact you are trying to give constructive feedback.

We have many ATC applications to review and when we begin onboarding ATC, I feel like the online numbers will change. If they don't, you can be sure we will look into policy changes.

However, right now we are not willing to give up on this CBT policy until all other measures have been exhausted though. It is easier to set the tone now with the CBT, than to wait until we have 80000 active members and then try to change things to be more professional. 

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