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ATC Client

Andrew Conley

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On 3/25/2019 at 11:10 AM, Jay Williams said:

Has it got a name?

Well it's a replica of ERAM and VSCS.

ERAM is En Route Automation Modernization and in simple terms, it is the radar system used at FAA ARTCCs. VSCS is Voice Switching and Control System and from the controller's perspective, its the touch-screen display that allows manipulation and use of frequencies and ground-to-ground shout, override, and dial lines to communicate with other controllers and facilities (again, this is FAA software/hardware).


But most importantly, never trust a controller with their ERAM prefset that has their scope that blueish color. Black is the only way to work.

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45 minutes ago, Andrew Heath said:

@asb726 You must be real-world guy, I have heard this before about the blue screen from a few guys!

While I am not a real-world ATC, for me it really depends on my mood which brightness I roll with.

I am. Thankfully the blue seems to be dying out as the old guys leave, at least in my area.

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Hello, i'm Nicola from Italy. 

i'm interested on atc client. i have few questions for you ?

1)Is it meant have a good level of customization in order to "look like" a different system? i don't mean only on appearance (important) but also on functionality (more important)

2) Is it meant to be multiplatform or windows only?

3) Is it meant to have "Insets" (secondary small windows within the main one)?

4) does it have multiple selectable presets in order to rapdly configures it in different way or select multiple maps at once?

5) any chance to know a little but more about map's format language? are maps fully customizable (colors, lines, shapes,  etc)?

thanks in advance


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@Nicola Altafini

  1. Yes, but not by the end-user.
  2. Multi-platform - Windows and iOS
  3. Same as Euroscope
  4. Kind of. You will have preference sets to adjust your display brightness, text size, etc. but each position will have different maps available to them. Positions are selected through a main menu prior to starting the client.
  5. It is looking like we will be utilizing an XML map format, similar to vSTARS and vERAM, but don't hold us to it just yet. There will be conversion tools provided from SCT/SCT2 to the new format.
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On 4/29/2022 at 4:05 AM, Joao G. said:

There are a macOS version to download in some place, or the macoOS version was discontinued?


Currently the focus is to get all functionalities working in the Windows version. MacOS and Linux clients may be implemented in the distant future, they are not high priority at the moment.

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