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This club was created to recruit members to the POSCON Bahrain and Qatar Division.
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  2. So what got some of you folks to want to control in Bahrain and Qatar ? Are you a big fan of Qatar Airways like me ? Or do you like the country... Or is it simply because you quite like controlling in Bahrain and Qatar and you want to continue with it etc ? I would love to hear peoples answers :)
  3. We are not selecting division staff right now. Please stop advertising for staff. If you want to help, we are very willing to allow you to help us, but we will be selecting the divisional staff when the time comes. Thanks.
  4. ill be director you can be events
  5. Hello everyone I hope you are all good.The Bahrain and Qatar division should def be one of of best in the Middle East,on the poscon network.I am hoping to become a staff member of this division and help it succeed.I want to see who else is maybe wanting to take on a staff role within this division too.If you are then comment below,I want someone who would actually be quite commited to maintaining the devision to comment.Not someone hasnt has got much time on there hands,but fancies being staff just for the sake of it.
  6. Hello and welcome to everyone interested in the Bahrain and Qatar Division of POSCON! I have created this forum to explore the possibility of releasing a division for Bahrain and Qatar during beta testing. The only way we will release with this division is if enough people show interest, so get all your friends to join this club and make sure that they stay active! If there is enough interest and discussion, we will devote our resources to creating the necessary infrastructure. We are going to need your help though with sector file construction and writing procedures! If you have any interest in helping us write this material, please email [email protected] مرحبا ومرحبا بكم في جميع المهتمين في البحرين وقطر قسم بوسكون! لقد أنشأت هذا المنتدى لاستكشاف إمكانية الإفراج عن تقسيم للبحرين وقطر خلال اختبار بيتا. الطريقة الوحيدة التي سوف نطلق سراح مع هذا التقسيم هو إذا ما يكفي من الناس تظهر الفائدة، حتى الحصول على جميع أصدقائك للانضمام إلى هذا النادي والتأكد من أن تبقى نشطة! إذا كان هناك ما يكفي من الاهتمام والمناقشة، وسوف نكرس مواردنا لإنشاء البنية التحتية اللازمة. نحن بحاجة إلى مساعدتكم على الرغم من مع بناء ملف القطاع والكتابة الإجراءات! إذا كان لديك أي مصلحة في مساعدتنا في كتابة هذه المواد، يرجى البريد الالكتروني [email protected]


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