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Revision: 10 Sep 2021

Access to the Radar Client is restricted to those members with the ATC role in their profile. This role can be obtained one of two ways:

  1. By joining an Active Division as an ATC, taking the Division Specific ATC Entrance Evaluation, and being granted the role by the Division Manager; or
  2. By the POSCON Director of Training granting the role after the user completes the POSCON ATC Application for Non-Division Members.

Once the role is granted, the option to download the Radar Client will become available in the Launcher Client. If you are unable to download the Radar Client after this role is granted, you may need to log out and back into the Launcher Client.

Obtaining the ATC role only gets you as far as being able to download the Radar Client. Before you are able to Sign-In to any position, you must first obtain at least one Authority (Division) authorization. This Authority authorization can be obtained a few different ways, depending on whether you are Division Member or a Non-Division Member:

Division Members

  1. If you passed the Division Specific ATC Entrance Evaluation, then you will obtain the Authority authorization automatically for that Division after the completion of the Network ATC Onboarding CBT.
  2. If you failed the Division Specific ATC Entrance Evaluation, then you be enrolled in the respective ATC Training Academy for that Division.

Non-Division Members

Authority authorization is granted manually by the Director of Training or his designee upon completion of the POSCON ATC Onboarding CBT. Please allow at least 24 hours for this authorization to be processed after the completion of the CBT. If you still have not obtained the proper authorization after 24 hours, send an email to [email protected]poscon.net and advise him that you have completed the training module.

To check what authorizations you have, please visit your Profile > ATC Approvals section:


You can filter your authorizations by clicking the filters button in the top left corner of the table. This will allow you to search by column headers:


Each sector has four roles available to users: Data, Radar, Instructor, and Supervisor. If you have authorization for a role, it will be indicated with a green check-mark.



Disclosure and Streaming Policy
Revision: 10 Sep 2021

Effective January 27th, 2021, the NDA for the ATC-related software is lifted. You may discuss ATC with users who are not under NDA and you may share screen shots, but please keep the following in mind, if you are using sector data that is not your own, then don't share images of the radar screen or you risk getting yourself in trouble.

  • POSCON’s development is currently in the beta stage and you agree to use your voice in a positive manner when experiencing any kind of bug on the Positive Control Network. In other words, please do not accentuate any issue encountered while using the network and remind viewers that POSCON is still in beta. Also, it would be extremely helpful if you could contact us directly about any bug you experience so that it can be rectified as soon as possible.
  • POSCON expects ATC to always behave in a professional manner while on the network, especially while producing content that represents ATC portion of this network.

If there are any questions on this policy, ask the President before doing something you are unsure about. Thank you.


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