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1.1 - Contents

Revision: 12 Jun 2023
Chapters Sections
Chapter 1: Introduction Section 1.1: Contents
Contains links to all applicable chapters of the policies manual.
Section 1.2: Preface
Outlines policy philosophy, administration, suggestions, and words of authority.
Section 1.3: Doc Standards
Provides a standard for document and policy creation on POSCON.
Section 1.4: Bulletins
Disseminate temporary and/or time critical information to users.
Chapter 2: Reserved  
Chapter 3: ATC Policies Section 3g: General
Describes steps to obtain ATC role and sector authorizations. Outlines streaming policy.
Section 3c: Communication
Outlines requirements for monitoring Guard, top-down service, unnecessary communication, language usage, early contact attempts, and unresponsive pilots.
Section 3o: Operational
Outlines policies for denial of service, deviations from real-world, top-down service, early issuance of control instructions, pilot deviations, and self-help moderation methods.
Section 3s: Scheduling
Outlines policies for scheduling ATC sessions.
Chapter 4: Reserved.  
Chapter 5: Divisions Section 5g: General
Outlines policies for Division formation, Discords, leadership, permissions, documentation, and social media. 
Section 5.2: Arrangement
Describes how Divisions and Sub-Divisions are grouped.
Section 5.3: ATC
Outlines specific ATC policies for Divisions.
Chapter 6: General Ops Section 6.1: Feedback
Section 6.2: Member Conduct
Chapter 7: Management Section 7g: General
Outlines general policies related to staff positions on POSCON including age and activity requirements.
Section 7.2: Duties & Responsibilities
Section 7.3: Organizational Structure
Chapter 8: Pilot Policies Section 8g: General
Section 8c: Communication
Section 8o: Operational
Chapter 9: User Content Section 9.1: Content Creators
Section 9.2: Discord
Section 9.3: General Guidelines
Section 9.4: Real-World Verification Badges
Chapter 10: Virtual Operators  

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