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9.2 - Discord

9.2.1 - Rules
Revision: 10 Jul 2022

The following rules apply to both the voice channels and text channels at all times. Violation of any rule can result in a permanent ban from the Discord and the Network itself. The following is an abbreviated list; additional content rules can be found under User Content > General Guidelines. All policies from the policies index also apply here.

  1. Be respectful of one another at all times.
  2. No political or religious discussions.
  3. No spamming or trolling.
  4. Inappropriate language is prohibited.
  5. Mentioning the administrators, moderators, or a specific person without proper reason is prohibited.
  6. Linking to any harmful or illicit material such as viruses, IP grabbers, malware, copyrighted, or pirated software is strictly prohibited.
  7. Keep discussions relevant to the respective channel.
  8. You may not promote or advertise personal media content (e.g. streams, YouTube channels, personal Discord servers, etc.) in any affiliated POSCON Discord server unless the media is related to activity on the Positive Control Network. Please limit posts to two times per day.
  9. Don't post someone's personal information without their permission.
  10. Anything prohibited by the POSCON User Agreement (aka Terms) is also prohibited here.
  11. Don't pretend to know everything about aviation or flight sim, because you don't.

9.2.2 - Sentinel Moderation System
Revision: 10 Jul 2022

The Sentinel Moderation System (SMS) is a feature of the POSCON Sentinel Bot. It is a moderation system that allows POSCON Members that have linked their Discord accounts to moderate POSCON affiliated Discord servers without Director/Manager/Moderator intervention.

How It Works

If a user is violating POSCON User Content policies while in a POSCON affiliated Discord server, then any POSCON Member can vote to mute the user by reacting to the message(s) in question with a image.png.e6d32021d292462ab41e13c12646dd53.png (:mute:) emoji. On the other hand, if a POSCON Member feels that a user is being unfairly muted, then they can vote against the mute by reacting to the same message(s) with a image.png.0ed20a88110384a62db0c305149965a6.png (:unmute:) emoji.

If the number of mute emoji reactions is greater than the number of unmute emoji reactions by a margin of five, then the offending user will be automatically muted across all POSCON affiliated Discord servers. When this occurs, a notification is instantly sent to our Moderation team and they can take additional actions such as unmuting the user or banning the user at their discretion.

Important Notes Regarding SMS Logic

  • This feature only works in POSCON affiliated Discord servers that have the Sentinel Bot.
  • Only messages that are sent in the last 24 hours qualify for SMS moderation.
  • If a user attempts to vote on their own message, the vote will be ignored.
  • Only one vote from a POSCON Member will be counted towards another user within the previous 24 hours. For example, if an offending user posts ten messages and a POSCON Member adds a mute emoji to each message, then the Sentinel Bot will only count one mute vote.
  • POSCON Members can remove or change their votes at any time.
  • Votes are continuously monitored by the Sentinel Bot and thus the outcome can change dynamically. For example, if a member is muted due to the SMS logic and subsequently loses mute votes and/or gains unmute votes so that the margin falls below five, then the member will be automatically unmuted.
  • Votes are counted from all POSCON affiliated Discord servers in the last 24 hours. For example, if some POSCON Members voted to mute a user in the POSCON India Discord server and a different group of POSCON Members voted to mute the same user in POSCON Public Discord, then the votes in both of these servers would count.
  • POSCON Staff are exempt from SMS logic.

Abuse of the SMS System

Please remember that Sentinel Bot sends a report to the Moderation team each time a user is muted. If the Moderation team discovers that a user is being unfairly targeted, then the reporting user(s) will be punished with POSCON Points being taken away from them OR suspension from the Network for repeat offenses.


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