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Recruiting Divisions

Andrew Heath

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We have decided to start using the IPS Board "Clubs" feature as a way of exploring the popularity of various air traffic divisions throughout the world. Right now, the plan is to launch POSCON with the United States, Canada, and maybe Mexico; however, if enough users show interest in forming other divisions, we will consider launching with the most popular ones!

Here is how it will work:

  1. Anyone can nominate a division by responding to this forum thread.
  2. POSCON will create a page for that division in the Clubs directory.
  3. After the Club page is created, recruit as many people as possible to your desired division and make sure they stay active.
  4. Help POSCON by providing us with sector data, SOPs, and VA affiliations.

If your nominated division shows enough interest and activity over the next 6 months, we will provide the necessary infrastructure to bring your division to life as part of the POSCON Network!

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6 hours ago, ktomi65 said:

Poland, Europe

Poland added.

Europe in its totality will not be added in the beginning because it is just too big and diverse to feature on initial release; however, if enough interest is generated in specific regions of Europe, we will feature those on release. After release, we will move towards ensuring full European coverage.

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