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Virtual Operators

A003 - Airplane/Aircraft Authorization

Revision: 23 Dec 2021

A003 authorizes a Virtual Operator to use specific make, model, and series (M/M/S) of airplanes/aircraft on the Positive Control Network. The make, model, and series selected must correlate to an approved ICAO aircraft code contained within the Positive Control Network's ICAO Data - Aircraft database. In contrast to A001, A003 does not identify the Virtual Operator's overall authority to conduct a particular kind of operation. Instead, it represents POSCON's approval of the Virtual Operator's use of a particular airplane/aircraft in carrying out the kinds of operations that are authorized. The rest of the set of Ops Specs are then put into place to authorize the Virtual Operator to conduct specific types of operations in accordance with the authorizations and airplanes/aircraft identified in A001 and A003.

The following text shall be included in the preamble: "The certificate holder is authorized to conduct operations under the provisions of <insert applicable regulatory compliance> using airplanes/aircraft with the approved configuration and operations described in the following table."


A. Table Column Definitions
Revision: 23 Dec 2021

The following defines the different columns that may be listed in the authorization table:

  • M/M/S - This defines the make, model, and series of the authorized airplane/aircraft.
  • ICAO Code - This defines which ICAO code is most suitable for the applicable M/M/S. This code must match a code listed in the ICAO Data - Aircraft database.
  • Regulatory Compliance - For each aircraft, list the type of operation authorized by referencing the applicable regulatory compliance. The authorization is aircraft specific. In some cases, more than one type of operation may be required for a specific make and model.
  • Operating Configuration - List "PAX" for passenger only, "Cargo" for cargo only, or "PAX and Cargo" for both.
  • En Route - Enter the appropriate en route flight rule for each airplane/aircraft. If the airplane/aircraft is approved for instrument flight rules (IFR) operations, enter “IFR/VFR.” If the airplane/aircraft is restricted to visual flight rules (VFR) operations only, select “VFR Only.”
  • Condition of Flight - Select the day/night condition for each airplane/aircraft. If the airplane/aircraft is approved for both day and night conditions, select “Day/Night.” If the airplane is approved for daylight conditions only, select “Day Only.”
  • Seats Demonstrated - This defines the number of seats installed on the airplane/aircraft when it met the emergency evacuation demonstration requirements of the regulatory authority. Do not include crew members in this number. This number determines the minimum number of flight attendants required to operate the airplane/aircraft.
    • NOTE: For "Cargo" operating configurations, this column can be excluded or enter the number "0" may be entered.
  • POSCON Pax - This value should match what is contained in the ICAO Data - Aircraft database for the ICAO Code listed.
  • Number Flt. Att. - Enter the number of flight attendants used during the certificate holder's emergency evacuation demonstration required by the regulatory authority for each airplane/aircraft listed. This column may be excluded if the regulatory compliance does not require flight attendants.
    • NOTE:  If the passenger seating configuration is 19 seats or fewer, enter the number “0.”
  • POSCON Cargo - This defines the maximum cargo carrying capacity of the airplane/aircraft in KG. This number is calculated by taking structural limits in each cargo bin and adding those values together. This value should match what is contained in the ICAO Data - Aircraft database.

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