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Virtual Operators

M006 - Management Personnel

A. Authorized Positions and Personnel
Revision: 18 Feb 2022

The intent of M006 is to clearly identify the Virtual Military Operator's management personnel who are occupying Virtual Military Operator management positions and who are responsible for managing assigned aspects of the operation. The individual assigned, his or her title as assigned by the Virtual Military Operator, and the POSCON management position shall be noted in M006. All Virtual Military Operators require at least one management position to be noted in M006. A Virtual Military Operator may apply for management personnel titles that differ from titles of management positions used in subparagraph B.


B. Procedure to Complete M006 Template
Revision: 18 Feb 2022

In the preamble, include the following language: "The certificate holder uses the following named personnel in the POSCON Virtual Military Operator management positions."

The following must be included in the authorization table: POSCON's position title, the equivalent Virtual Military Operator position title, the manager's full name, and an email address for the manager.

The following positions (or approved alternative names) are required at each Virtual Military Operator.

  • Director of Operations - This manager is responsible for the daily operation of the Virtual Military Operator. This manager is also responsible for assigning a POC.
  • Chief Pilot - This manager is responsible for monitoring pilot online activity and handling any pilot disciplinary actions referred to the Virtual Military Operator by the Positive Control Network.
  • Director of Training - This manager is responsible for maintaining the Virtual Military Operator's training program.


  1. For authorizations that permit less than the required management positions, show the same individual assigned in each position required and for which an authorization for combined positions has been approved. If an authorization is not explicitly required (e.g., for single-pilot Virtual Military Operators), enter “N/A” (not applicable) for other management positions.
  2. For authorizations that permit the same person to fill two or more positions, enter the same name and title of that person in each of the appropriate positions.
  3. POSCON does not require that management personnel meet any specific qualifications in order to be listed in M006.

C. Management Vacancies
Revision: 18 Feb 2022

The certificate holder must notify the Manager of AOC within 10 days of any change in personnel or any vacancy in any of the required management or technical personnel positions listed. The term “days” is taken to mean calendar-days unless otherwise defined.


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