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Virtual Operators

M034 - Authorized Military Training Program

Revision: 18 Feb 2022

M034 requires that the Virtual Military Operator create and maintain an internal training program that ensures member pilots:

  1. Understand POSCON Policies and authorizations/limitations contained within approved operations specifications
  2. Understand ICAO ATC procedures and communications, especially those that relate to military operations
  3. Can adequately operate military aircraft in all flight phases and operations
  4. File ICAO flight plans as they relate to military operations on POSCON

M034 requires the Virtual Military Operator to provide URLs to their training program(s). If those training programs require authentication to access, the Virtual Military Operator must provide the Manager of AOC with a username and password to access those resources.

In the preamble, include the following text: "The certificate holder's training program meets the standards of POSCON and is authorized per this operation specification."


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