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Virtual Operators

M002 - Definitions and Abbreviations

Revision: 14 Feb 2022

M002 includes definitions of words or phrases specific to the Virtual Military Operator. These definitions are not found in the regulations applicable to the certificate holder, the Policies Glossary, or the Virtual Operators Glossary and should enhance understandings between the Positive Control Network and the Virtual Military Operator.

The following text shall be included in the preamble: "Unless otherwise defined in these operations specifications, all words, phrases, definitions, and abbreviations have identical meanings to those used in <insert applicable regulatory compliance>, as amended. Additionally, the definitions listed below are applicable to operations conducted in accordance with these operations specifications."

All definitions, abbreviations, acronyms, and terms that are used by the Virtual Military Operator shall be established in a easy to read format. Any addition, revision, removal, or change of terminology shall be agreed upon by both the Virtual Military Operator's Point of Contact and the Manager of Air Operating Certificates.


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