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Virtual Operators

A009 - Airport Aeronautical Data
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A. General
Revision: 26 Dec 2021

A009 defines the airport aeronautical data used by the Virtual Operator. Airport aeronautical data includes systems that are used by certificate holders, pilots, dispatchers, and operational control personnel. Airport aeronautical data is required to determine aircraft performance capability at each airport. The Manager of AOC authorizes a certificate holder’s use of airport aeronautical data in A009. Airport aeronautical data includes, but is not limited to:

  • Aeronautical charts (including navigational en route, terminal area, and instrument approach procedure charts);
  • Airport and runway analysis;
  • Airport Facility Directory (AFD) information;
  • Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) for foreign airports; and
  • Notices to Airmen (NOTAM).

In the preamble, include the following language: "The systems described or referenced in this paragraph are used by the certificate holder to obtain, maintain, and distribute current aeronautical data for the airports it uses."


B. Referencing
Revision: 26 Dec 2021

Describe or reference the certificate holder’s/program manager’s system of disseminating airport aeronautical data in the text box provided in A009. Include specific references to the section(s) of the certificate holder’s/program manager’s manual that contains the description of the system(s) it uses to obtain and disseminate airport aeronautical data. When the airport aeronautical data system is not described in a manual or another document, a narrative description of the system must be used to complete A009. Narrative descriptions must provide sufficient information to describe the system, and how it is used to obtain, maintain, and distribute required airport aeronautical data.

In this Category

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