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Virtual Operators

A007 - Other Designated Persons

A. Point of Contact Designation
Revision: 25 Dec 2021

A007 is used for identifying the Virtual Operator’s Point of Contact(s) (POCs). The POCs are persons designated to apply for and receive applicable authorizations, persons designated to receive Safety Alerts for Virtual Operators and/or Information for Virtual Operations, and persons that are in charge of operations as they related to POSCON. Each POC's name, title, and email address must be listed in A007.

Ensure the following language is used in the preamble: "The following persons will act as Points of Contact between POSCON and the certificate holder."


B. Primary Point of Contact
Revision: 25 Dec 2021

If more than one POC is named in A007, the Virtual Operator must name a primary POC who will act as the final authority between all named POCs. This person is designated by the Virtual Operator's Director of Operations (or equivalent position) and will receive all communications from POSCON regarding the Virtual Operator. Any communication from POSCON to the primary POC will be considered received upon receipt and thus the certificate holder cannot claim that it did not receive the communication. If only one POC is named in A007, this person by default is the primary POC.


C. Qualifications
Revision: 25 Dec 2021

All POCs must be able to read, write, and comprehend the English language and have active POSCON accounts. They must be readily available and able to respond to concerns either on Discord or email within 48 hours and no later than 24 hours for urgent concerns from the Manager of AOC.


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