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Virtual Operators

A005 - Exemptions and Deviations

Revision: 25 Dec 2021

A005 grants the certificate holder the authorization to apply for and receive exemptions and deviations to POSCON policies or aviation regulations. The Manager of AOC may grant Virtual Operators exemptions or deviations in accordance with the following procedures.

The following text shall be included in the preamble:  "The certificate holder is authorized to apply for and receive exemptions and deviations to POSCON policies, aviation regulations, and these operation specifications in accordance with the procedures outlined."

In order for a Virtual Operator to conduct operations under the provisions of any exemption or deviation, the exemption or deviation must be listed in the respective operation specification. Exemptions and deviations should be annotated within the body of the respective operation specification. Exemptions/deviations should contain:

  1. Ops Spec
  2. The word "EXEMPTION" or "DEVIATION" as appropriate.
  3. A brief description of the exemption/deviation and any conditions or limitations
  4. A reference to the rule, regulation, policy for which the emption or deviation applies
  5. Expiration date, if applicable


A006 DEVIATION: The CEO is authorized to also hold the Chief Pilot position. (Expires: Never)


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